I will continue...As Life Goes On

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
With angels watching over me
I pray the Lord with me to be

So many blessings you send my way
Yet one more wish I dare to pray
That you would hold me close tonight
And keep me safe with your might.


I dedicate this site to God.  He has been with me at all times.  Whether I acknowledged His presence or not.   He never gave up on me.  Even when I gave up on Him.  May His angels stand by our side and give each of us comfort, strength and peace.

Bobby Ray Bellah
Born:  June 8, 1984
Died:  January 12, 2000

I am here....


June 9, 2013
Sometime, I wonder if  you were real or if I just dreamed you.

January 13, 2013
Let me share my day..

January 13, 2012
To Bobby With Love

June 8, 2009
Happy Birthday little one.  I love you always.

September 3, 2008
As I get older, I get wiser, and realize how blessed I have been in my life.  Some of those blessings have been to have my son and my late husband in my life, though they are gone far too soon for me.  My cup runneth over with love, with sorrow, and with joy.

January 21, 2008
I have feelings that want to come out, but I can't get the solitude to put them into words right now.  I will soon.
I love you.

June 8, 2006
I love you, Baby Boy.  I miss you so much.

July 8, 2005
A heart still beating...
A mind still remembering...

July 2, 2007
I'm here.  I love you.

Dennis Edward Bellah
Born:  February 18, 1952
Died:  December 31, 1998

September 11, 2007
I get so busy with living my life and getting everything done and taking care of my things and trying to take care of everyone else's.  Running, mind going a mile a minute, working on 3 things at once...then my eyes flash across a picture of you and I stop.  Your face stops me.  Your eyes look into mine.  My bottom lip quivers.  I remember that I once had you here.  I run my finger along your jaw line in your picture, wishing I could feel your skin...  see your mouth break into a real smile, not just a picture of one...hear your voice.  I love you, Baby Boy, just as much as I did when you were here with me.  You will always be a part of me and a part of my life.  I live on with you in my heart and mind.  I live on......

David Ray Bellah
Born:  September 15, 1953
Died:  November 10, 2003


October 8, 2005
Can You hear the voices?
Can You see the hands?
Can You feel the tears?
Can You smell the fear?

Of the millions crying,
Reaching out to You,
When life's so hard
They don't think they'll make it through.

Can You say You heard them?
Can You touch their hands?
Can you wipe away their tears?
Can you calm their fears?

When the millions cry, 
And reach out to You,
Can You make life easier?
Can You help them through?

God, forgive me for doubting
When I know You can.
Just, sometime, I'm one of the millions crying
Waiting for You to take my hand.


And, I dedicate this site to the angels who have touched my life..

My son, who is no longer with me...I love you, Bobby.  Please see the link below to visit the pages I have created in his memory.

My late husband, Dennis, who passed away a year before Bobby.  Our last year was the best one of the 19 we had.  I thank God for those memories of him.   

My two daughters and wonderful grandsons, Christi, Amy, Jacob and Tristyn.  They are my reason for continuing.

My parents.  They weren't perfect, only human.  But, they loved me and did the best they could.  They gave me a foundation to start on.  Where I went from there was up to me.  I thank them for always being there for me.

My friends.  God has blessed me with some very special "friends".  But, they are much more than that.  I call them my guardian angels.

Bobby's friends.  They stay in touch and still call me Mom.

And, to my sister-in-law, Kay.  She sees in me all the things I wish I could be.   

    To Bobby, With Love 

   As Life Goes On 

   To My Son

  The Storms

     He Only Took My Hand


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January 12, 2005


May God Bless You


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