The above picture was taken in 1988.  Dennis & I had been married 10 years by then.  This was the first time we had taken the time to have pictures made of us.  Dennis was 36 and I was 32.

Now, I'm 45 and Dennis has passed on.

Who was Dennis?  I don't think anyone but him really knew the answer to that and many times I don't think he even knew.  He was a man that would go out of his way to help people.  He was a man with a lot of hurt inside and the need to run away from it at all costs. 

We were married for almost 20 years.  13 of those were filled with wonderful memories and some of the worse in my life.  He gave me my highest highs and lowest lows.  Toward the end of our life together, I left him and we remained separated for 6 years.  I thought I had lost my love for him until one day.  We were at his sister's birthday party at her house.  He was driving an 18-wheeler and had asked if I'd like him to pick me up and ride with him.  My love came back for him full force that day.  On the way home I asked him if he'd move back home.  He did.

You see, Dennis had found God during his drives on the road.  He had felt his love and knew what it was to cry from the strength of his feelings for God.  I loved this man and always had.  Now I wanted to be with him.

We got back together in September of 1997.  In September of 1998, cancer was found in the bone of his arm.  It was then found to be throughout his body.  There was very little chance of survival.

On December 31, 1998, at 10:00 pm, Dennis passed away.

I thank God for the year I had with him.  That year was the best of all the years we had been together. 

I thank you, Dennis, for the lessons I learned from having been with you.  I thank you for all the good times and forgive you for the bad.  I don't think I'll ever find another man who loves me the way you did.

I love you,