When Bobby died, I cried out to God, and He has been my main support from the beginning of this hell I am living through.  Just as He has always been with me throughout my life.  Whether or not I deserved it or recognized it.  As I've been going through this grief, I've gotten closer and closer to Him.  No person or thing on this earth can take the place of that support, but there are others who have helped.

My friends, family and work have been a huge help.  They've been there for me.  They picked things up and took over when I couldn't function.  They helped take burdens off me so I could just grieve and make it through.  They are continuing to do so.  I will never be able to explain to them what they have meant to me.  I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have been doing.

I learned a long time ago there are some things you can't do alone.  I knew real soon this was one of them.  I went out and bought every book on grief I could find.  Problem was, it was hard to concentrate on reading.  I just wanted to stare off into space.  I got online looking for support groups and chat rooms, but I soon found it was too impersonal for me.  I needed to be with others that were going through this also.  I needed to hear how they are making it.  People say I've been so strong, but they just don't see me inside.  I haven't been strong, I just put up a good front.  Inside I am torn to pieces.  My mind is working continuously to try and put the pieces back together, but there will always be a piece missing.  I concentrate on what I have, grieve for what I've lost, and live.   

A friend at work gave me the number to the Crisis Hotline.  I called it and, through them, found a support group in my area sponsored by Hospice.  I've completed those meetings. It is an eight week group.  I've met some wonderful people and am very thankful I was directed toward it.  Through friends, I was put in contact with a Christian counselor.  My 21 year-old daughter and I have been going to her.  This has also helped.

As I've learned from my support group and counseling, everyone goes through grieving a different way and everyone will need different types of help to make it through.  What I am providing is some links I found to help me.  I hope, if you are reading this because you have lost a loved one, that some of them will help give you some comfort.

I'll be adding more as I visit them.

This is a very special site that was emailed to me.  Please visit it.

Send this article to someone you love who doesn't understand what you are going through:   Please See Me Through My Tears

Compassionate Friends

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Death and Dying 

Angel Feather


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