I planned it all week.  The girls were picking up the kids because I wanted the house to myself.  I wanted to watch old home movies of Bobby and sit and cry all day, if I wanted to.  I wanted to spend time with my son.

Christi picked up Jacob Friday night.  I got up Saturday morning and started cleaning....This wasn't part of the plan, but I couldn't stand to be in a house all day that wasn't clean.  Before I knew it I was finally taking down the Christmas tree, which of course caused even more cleaning.  By 9:00, Amanda got here to pick up Tristyn.  I continued cleaning.

About 10:00, I got a call from work and had to rush up there for a little while.  Came back home and finished cleaning.  Around 12:30, I finally came to a stopping point in the cleaning (I can always find something to clean) and decided it was time to get ready for my visit.  I put the small TV in my room and set up the VCR.  I got boxes of videos down from my closet and put them on the VCR waiting to be played.  I put one in the VCR and all that came up was "Choose 1 for English, 2 for Spanish and 3 for French."  I got the menu from the VCR and it wouldn't go past this until I chose.  Well, it's an old VCR and the remote long gone.  I punched every button I could and could not get past this menu.  I had an idea...I got the cable remote and programmed it for the VCR.  I hit the correct code and it turned the VCR off, then on again.  Got the menu and hit a "1" on the remote.  Nothing.  Tried all the other codes...Many of them turned the VCR off and on, but none allowed the "1"  for English (or any other number) to work.  After about 30 minutes I gave up and laid down across the bed with the book I'd been reading.  A mystery.

This detective's wife had been murdered by a serial killer in the previous book and he was attracted to another woman, but felt guilty of any feelings he had toward her.  Never before in the book had he dreamed of his late wife or anything, but when I picked up the book this time, this is what I read.....

He had fallen asleep in his recliner and suddenly he was in a lounger on a beach.....





It may not be exactly the same circumstance, but I think you get my drift.

Sometime we have our plans......But, sometime God has His!

May God bless you all with His plans.