We are but a speck of dust on this earth we call home,
yet it seems the world revolves around us, individually.
We cannot feel others’ feelings
or be in others’ bodies 
to see their side of the world.

Through my eyes, where my thoughts and emotions live,
lies the story of this world as I see it.
Through another’s eyes, the story is different.
When two come together, the stories intertwine
and from there may form more.

My thoughts and emotions met another’s 
and we built a whole new world to revolve around us.
More eyes looking out at their version of the world,
 yet intertwining with mine.

Some of those eyes are still with me,
intertwining with my world and keeping the links intact.
Some of those eyes are gone, 
leaving broken links that keep dangling, 
trying to grab hold of something……

My world has become off balance.
It keeps searching for a way to connect the links again,
not really knowing what it’s going to take
and feeling like it will go on forever.
There will never be the wholeness it once knew.

My eyes keep searching for the answers.
My very soul wails out to God asking “Why?”.
And, my heart continues to cry.
From the pain of the broken links dangling
and the joy of the links still intact.

As I enter each new beginning on earth,
the days and memories to come.
I will always thank God for those with me
and for peace over those that are gone.

As I entered this world but a link without a clue, 
and as I’ve lived this life never knowing what was ahead.
I shall go on with the same knowledge.
Holding God’s hand as he leads the way.


                                                                         Laura Bellah
                                                                         March 20, 2000